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Fit for protest

A typeface can help give voice and impact to political visual commentary. For Brazilian creatives Johnny Brito and Maria Clara Feitosa, David Jonathan Ross’ Fit fit the bill.

DJR’s Fit flips the script

Type sorcerer Oded Ezer extends the mighty morphing display family to support the Hebrew script.

Inside the fonts: Fit’s amazing stacking possibilities

Because David Jonathan Ross designed Fit to fit just about any text into just about any space, text set in it looks best when it’s stacked tightly. Yves Peters explains how you can achieve the best results with…

DJR designs the perfect Fit

Once in a great while, a typeface shows up that occupies a realm of its own. Fit, David Jonathan Ross’ wildly imaginative all-caps constructivist juggernaut, operates in a fascinating twilight zone between type and image.